gay ; pride month Minecraft Skin
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gay ; pride month

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Happy Pride Month y'all <3
I'd like to note that vincian is the more specific term for gay men/male aligned people! It also has a different flag.
I just ended up doing the basic rainbow because many people still use the term "gay" and the rainbow flag.

"Gay refers to the attraction towards or desire for the same gender (or similar genders to one's own). Terms such as homosexual and homoromantic can be considered synonyms or subcategories of gay. While the term gay can apply to men, women, and non-binary people, it is sometimes used to only refer to gay men. The term lesbian tends to be used specifically for gay women. Less commonly, other terms such as vincian are used specifically for gay men. Gay has also been used as an umbrella term for anyone who is non-straight, or anyone in the LGBTA+ community." - LGBTA Wiki

gay ; pride month Minecraft Skin

Lighter skin version:
gay ; pride month Minecraft Skin

If you'd like me to edit this skin's hair, eyes, and/or skin tone to fit YOU let me know! It's completely free <3
This type of requests will only be available until July 3rd, 2021, or if I have requests open

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gay ; pride month Minecraft Skin

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