Ghastling with Enderskin Armor Minecraft Skin

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Ghastling with Enderskin Armor

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Level 27 : Expert Engineer

Ghastling Origins
Ages after the EnderDragon was defeated, a lone Ghast wandered from the Nether into the Overworld and eventually found it's way into the End. It was immediately noticed by the Endermen of the realm which began to attack it. In retaliation the Ghast fought a long and feirce battle. However, it was defeated. After its defeat a single Ghast tear fell upon the dormant dragon egg left by the unnamed adventurer that defeated the Dragon long ago. 

After some time the egg began to rattle and move. Then it burst! From it came a single humanoid Ghast. The Endermen, angered by it's mere presence, set at it as they did it's predecessor. This time however thier foe was different. With lightning speed the Ghastling made quick work of many of it's opponents. Using fierce melee attacks and fireballs it shredded through one Enderman after another. It was enough though, Endermen started to appear en masse and began delivering a volley of attacks. One after another attacked, and another, and another. 

Becoming overwheled, the Ghastling couldn't dodge the attacks and began taking hit after hit. It was sure that the battle was over. The Endermen made way for a single final blow. The Ghastling moved its arm to block, then something strange happened. It was as if the hit was a mere nudge. As the Ghastling looked it noticed that a piece of skin from the recently destroyed Enderman was stretched across its arm. With sudden realization, and a slight grin, the Ghastling muttered it first words in a gravelly voice, "Ender beats Ender." 

Now having renewed faith in victory, the Ghastling pushed off it asailant and leapt to the nearest carcass of a slain Enderman. Stretched a piece of it over his chest and kept moving at great speed. The Endermen, seeing thier bretheren mutilated by this abomination, became enraged! At once they re-initiated the onslought with teleportation ambushes and melee attacks of their own. As it dodged assaults, took hits and delivered attacks of it's own, the Ghastling continued to don the skin of its fallen foes. The Endermen reeled to attack as a group then suddenly the Ghastling Dissappeared in a cloud of purple dust-like particles. Confused, they searched for it not knowing where it went or how it got there. 

After a moment, a distant laugh was heard, at first quietly, then louder and louder. Looking in the direction of the laughter, they spotted the Ghastling atop one of the obsidian pillars that adorn the island on which they reside. It was even more grotesque, wearing a piece of an Enderman's face as a partial mask. It shot a single fire ball at the crowd of Endermen before vanishing once again. This time it was standing on the edge of the well where the Dragons egg rested. With a solemn but sinister "Goodbye" the Ghastling leapt through the portal...

there is more story here.
Battle Strategy
The Ghastling alone is very fast. It shoots fireballs from it's mouth at long range and is an expert at melee combat. This Ghastling has also managed to gain the power of teleportation due to it's Enderskin armor. It cannot teleport as far as the Enderman itself, and must recharge after 2 or 3 teleports. 

This would be the ideal time to toss a splash potion of harming it's way. It will likely dodge to the left or right, but if you can corner it then you can predict which way it will dodge and throw a second splash potion of harming in its path. This is where you got it. 

Once it's injured it will slow down for a few seconds. this is when you'll have a brief moment to take a few swings at it with your sword. The more you strike it the less effective it's Enderskin armor will be. It won't be able to teleport as far while sustaining a large amount of damage. It has about as much stamina as an EnderDragon, and will heal itself over time. So if you go too long without landing a hit it will begin to recover. The longer the battle lasts, the stronger it's attacks become. So try to defeat it quickly.

Be careful though, it does like to teleport behind it's enemies and ambush them with a volley of fireballs. If it disappears from your field of vision, run to the left or right! Any direction will work really, but you can bet if you can't see it, you're about to get a fireball to the back of the head.

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Update #1 : by Benny_Pollok 06/09/2015 11:16:44 pmJun 9th, 2015

Added a Boss Battle strategy.

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06/13/2015 10:51 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Dragon
campingdragon123's Avatar
Like the story!
06/13/2015 8:12 pm
Level 27 : Expert Engineer
Benny_Pollok's Avatar
It continues on here. Thanks for the Diamond!
06/09/2015 5:02 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Skinner
Happy_Girl123's Avatar
mine is noob king go check it out 
06/09/2015 3:27 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Skinner
Happy_Girl123's Avatar
this rocks!
06/09/2015 3:38 pm
Level 27 : Expert Engineer
Benny_Pollok's Avatar
Much thanks! Glad you like the skin. Also if you're into reading, I just updated the story with better grammar and a few extra details.