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Ghost of Tsushima |Jin Sakai|

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[​Who is this character?]
Jim Sakai, the nephew of the Lord of Tsushima island, was an respectable samurai until the day that one army of Mongols docked in a beach of the island.The beach soon became a battlefield and almost every single samurai was dead.
Jin was the Only survivor. So he decided to free his uncle that was captured by the leader of the Mongols, khotun khan...
But to free his uncle and save his island, Jin Sakai will have to abandon the samurai way, and fulfilled his destiny of becoming a legend that defends Tsushima, The Ghost...

If you are wondering why he took so long to make this skin, well, I was busy playing the game...

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Anyway Have a nice day...


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01/23/2024 2:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Sir_Miraak's Avatar
Nice Skin of Jin! Do you plan to do a Java Version? Since Java cant use the HD Skins :D
01/24/2024 6:18 am
He/Him • Level 59 : Grandmaster Skinner
MotivatedBean98's Avatar
Unhappily I don't work with java format.
Oh, and thanks for the compliment