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Gidspor-The Infected Monkey-

Gidspor-The Infected Monkey- Minecraft Skin
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avatar Aeroniel
Level 18 : Journeyman Unicorn
June 11, 1969, a research chimp, JED, is launched into space. Tragically, JED's shuttle suffers a catastrophic meltdown and he is lost to the stars. As he sails across the heavens, a mysterious green light engulfs his floating metal sarcophagus and awakens JED's corpse from its slumbero ¦

...Killer Zombie Monkey From Outer Space.

42 years later JED's ship returns to Earth, crash landing in Antarctica. It is discovered by a small group of US researchers stationed there. Unaware of the evil they will soon face, the crew brings the seemingly deceased chimp back to base. A NASA team is hastily deployed to join the crew and retrieve the shuttle and its pilot. The team is headed by an aged Dr. Enos, the same devious scientist that launched poor JED into space years ago. Before the team can collect their bounty the zombie chimp rises and begins his gory rampage, hunting down the crew one by one and passing the undead curse to his victims. The crew now find themselves trapped by the Antarctic weather in a blood-drenched fight for their lives against the ever-growing number of flesh hungry zombies and a deranged Dr. Enos hell-bent on concealing the dark secrets of JEDo s heinous resurrection...........To be continued.......
FormatUniversal 64x32
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