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Gilbert the Duke of Tight Red Pants

Gilbert the Duke of Tight Red Pants Minecraft Skin

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avatar Doofdach
Level 30 : Artisan Loremaster

Gilbert was a wealthy child in the dark ages, being well better off than most children his age. His parents wanted him to be a great knight or leader one day to challenge a king of the shadow hold keep, a devious king who had left his parents in peril and constant suspicion by releasing secrets from their glory days as spies in the 20 year war when they worked for this king. All of Gilbert's life he had been trained to become a great warrior, and he had every attribute for it. The strength and physique of a demi-god, the skills of a swords-master who had trained for a thousand years, the smarts of a great scholar, and the charm of a prince...

Except he was really into fashion.

He had fantasized of creating clothes for the people of the land, spreading his name for his wonderful and glamorous crafts of cloth for mighty and rich men and women to wear. His parents despised this attribute and tried to beat it out of him, only making it worse. He then one stormy night created a pair of red pants with new materials to make something we know now as spandex. He concocted ingredients to make this material but he made a fatal mistake...
He had tried on the pants before they had settled and it fused with his skin, making it impossible to get off...
His secret was found out by his parents and he was thrown out of the house to rot. He had lived his life as a lowly thief pickpocket and boxer to get by. All of this had led him down a spiral of depression because of the torment he had gotten for his tight red pants, constantly being beaten down by society and the harsh words of his mother and father he remembered the night he was thrown from their wings...
As he grew, his pants did, now fully a part of him...

   A curse

But one fateful day he had seen a poster on the side of a wall that read "Soldiers Needed! An attack has broken out between our neighboring kingdoms and the northerners from the frozen mesa!"
Gilbert had taken this offer and tried out to become a soldier, to help the good people of the land and to rise back into a placement he was once in during his youth. He had passed his tests during the recruitment with outstanding colors! the only color off was the redness off his tight pants. But the only reason he wasn't rejected was because he had passed the skills of the captain, Halberd, of the brigade which was an experienced warrior who had fought in the 20 year war, making Gilbert an inexperienced warrior who had power beyond the skills of a veteran.
Later on he had risin in the ranks of his crew while fending off the northerners of the frozen mesa, later on becoming the new captain due to Halberd dying in the arms of his new friend, Gilbert.
2 years later when the war had ended he was given praise and respect from the king, who gave Gilbert a new title and large function of land to himself. He had now became Gilbert, the DUKE of tight red pants, owning the curse that had once stained his past.

  A symbol


Has extreme skill with the sword and in power. Not only that his fabulous pants make it distracting to fight him, putting enemy's off guard giving him a great advantage


The sword, Bevor, pauldrons, and helm of his friend Halberd, and of course, his glamorous tight pants.

Character Attributes:











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Format1.8+ Only Skin 64x64
ModelSteve (4 pixel arms)

3 replies

01/16/2020 5:20 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Caveman
Anyone with pants that red, and that tight, is allowed to dance on my coffin at my own funeral.
01/16/2020 6:15 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Loremaster
xD, be careful he's got some pretty dance nifty moves in his arsenal
01/14/2020 9:15 am
Level 28 : Expert Cake
bara knight

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