Glamrock Freddy | FNaF SB // Fury's Rage Minecraft Skin
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Glamrock Freddy | FNaF SB // Fury's Rage

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CornCultistMike avatar CornCultistMike
Level 39 : Artisan Procrastinator
Finally another skin! It's been way too long since I posted something I've been actually happy with.
So, this round we got Glamrock Freddy from my least favorite FNaF game:

FNaF: Security Breach
Yeah, so you may be wondering, "Mike, why is your grammar so shit, why is the title not accuracy, and why the hell would you make a character from a game you don't like??", and to that I have one answer to all but my tired grammar. It's something new for me.
I've made Springlock animatronics abound, I've made the FNaF 1 crew 3 whole times now, I've built FNaF 1 over 9 times in the last 10 years and so on. I wanted something new, so I said fuck it and dabbled in a part of the FNaF franchise I'm deeply uninvested in- and honestly? I enjoyed it immensely. I know there's problems with this skin, there's undoubtedly gonna be updates and such, but for now I'm satisfied. No promises I'll make the others though- my motivation only lasts so long and I've already blown a full 8 hours on this guy.

Anyway that being said, see y'all whenever I post next with god knows what.

Reference images
Glamrock Freddy | FNaF SB // Fury's Rage Minecraft Skin
Glamrock Freddy | FNaF SB // Fury's Rage Minecraft Skin
CreditChociily [Major pallet guideance, skin design reference], iNomarsiii [Skin design reference]

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08/19/2022 10:12 pm
Level 49 : Master Taco
iNomarsiii avatar
great job! I love how you use the color palette
08/19/2022 6:44 pmhistory
Level 52 : Grandmaster Robot
Chociily avatar
Ok fury
08/19/2022 8:21 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Procrastinator
CornCultistMike avatar
Blue-haired fox, opinion rejected
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