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Glaz (Default) [​Rainbow Six Siege]

This Skin is part of the Rainbow Six Siege Collection, and will eventually come with extra parts below.

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I. Character Description
II. Outfit Parts

III. HD Skin Installation
IV. SD Skin
V. Links


"Do you know what an artist and a sniper have in common? Details. Like when a touch of color is out of place. When a shadow does not match with its surroundings. Or when a shape is not where it is supposed to be. The only difference is the stakes. Mine are higher."
— Glaz

Timur "Glaz" Glazkov was born and raised in the seaport city of Vladivostok, Russia on July 2. It was here that his father worked in the shipping industry and Timur studied art in secondary school. In 2004, the deaths that resulted from the Beslan school hostage crisis inspired him to transfer to the Cadet Corps and pursue a career in the armed forces. Afterwards, he attended the Khabarovsk Military Commanders Training Academy where he developed unparalleled marksmanship. He also regularly participated in cross-border training exercise with China where he gained a strong understanding of Mandarin. After the Academy, he joined the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation and later the Spetsnaz 45th Guards Regiment. Assigned to special ops and VIP protection detail, reports consistently show that Glaz possesses a unique creative approach to problem solving. He is the squad member with the most expertise in long-range scoped weaponry.
Glaz (Default) | R6S Minecraft Skin


Sometimes, you don't want the whole outfit, sometimes you just want one or two pieces to add to your own skin. All of my skins* also come pre-seperated, allowing you to add the components you want to an existing skin.

*Not all skins have components available at present, please be patient, they will be available at some point.


These Skins should work automatically on Minecraft Bedrock Edition. However for those of you using Java Edition the "More Player Models" Mod can be used to gain access to HD Skins, an installation guide is available HERE. Alternatively a Standard Resolution skin is available below.

NOTE: Mods are third party content NOT officially supported by Mojang.You install mods at your own risk, I am not responsible for any loss of data/ hardware damage caused by the installation/ use of third party mods, this includes loss or corruption of world saves.


SD Skin

For those of you who prefer standard Resolution Skins.

Glaz (Default) | R6S Minecraft Skin

If you do Download this one, please also download the HD skin, as this one doesn't count towards my XP and Download Count.


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