Godzilla 2004 (Godzilla: Final Wars) Minecraft Skin
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Godzilla 2004 (Godzilla: Final Wars)

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The Earth Defense Force are locked in battle with a number of monsters attacking cities around the world, when a mysterious race of aliens known as the Xiliens arrive on Earth. Reviving Godzilla may be the EDF's only chance to save the planet. This is the Last Millennium Godzilla Movie Series in 2004 from 1999, This Godzilla fights lots of Monsters, He Fights that New Strong Monster is called "Monster X" it also transformed into the Four Legged Ghidorah Called "Keizer Ghidorah" This Ghidorah is like Taller than Godzilla 2004, in the Ending Part, He went back to the Ocean with his Son "Minilla" and Roars as the King's Last Goodbye.Godzilla 2004 (Godzilla: Final Wars) Minecraft Skin

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