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Grea Heiden / Short Story In Description

Grea Heiden / Short Story In Description Minecraft Skin
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Here...hope you enjoy.


Grea screamed as the creature latched itself onto her ankle with its long gray tentacles.
With her last strength she tried to pull the tentacles
off as the creature’s mouth closed over her leg.
Exhausted and defeated, Grea closed her eyes as the creature began to suck on her.
Slowly the color began to drain from her...starting in her leg and going up her torso until at last all color was gone and she was gray and colorless.
Grea opened her eyes and saw that she was now color blind.
Everything in her vision was black and white.
She lay down and wept.
Every ounce of energy was gone from her.
She rested her head on the cold floor and closed her tired eyes...waiting for death.

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