Yuta, The Great Tai-Yaki Man Minecraft Skin

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Yuta, The Great Tai-Yaki Man

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Shinjo avatar Shinjo
Level 76 : Legendary Narwhal
The Great Tai-Yaki Man. Donning the turbo fryer gear, he can produce fish-shaped, red bean paste-filled, cakes 10 times faster than the average food-stall cook. His weapon of choice is of course his specialty taiyaki that are made from his chest-plate and are filled with a bio-engineered hyper cell-eating enzyme that attacks a person's body.

The underground cult run by the rich, Noqamu, is plotting to cause mass genocide to the middle and lower class by lacing the global food supply with Arsenic. Can the Great Tai Yaki Man eliminate this cult and save the world?!?!

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05/08/2017 4:54 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Skinner
Dans_MC avatar
Love This! I have never had taiyaki, but have been desperately looking for somewhere to get some near me. Have been unsuccessful so far. :( Ive always wanted to try it! Great skin!
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