Grovyle Minecraft Skin
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IDoopliss avatar IDoopliss
Level 37 : Artisan Pokemon
I've actually been trying to make grovyle for around 2-3 years now. I don't have any pics of when I first started working on him, but just trust me when I say that it was soo damn awful it was embarassing ;-;

Luckily after that wartortle skin I made some progress on making it look competent. Problem was that I relied on the grovyle skin with 100s of diamonds too much as a reference. I would try to slightly alter the shading to make it look different, but it looked soo messy on each attempt. But now, I finally got the right shading and colors to make this difficult pokemon.

It is my favorite pokemon after explorers of time and it still is actually. I'm so glad I am finally able to do it justice!

This is how bad the skin was 1-2 years ago. Unfortunately this was not even close to the first version. It actually looks much better than the first attempt xD
Grovyle Minecraft Skin
Creditmyself :P

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