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Hartrif Bloodmoon

Hartrif Bloodmoon Minecraft Skin
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avatar ebbony
Level 48 : Master Artist
Name: Hartrif Amazon Euner Bloodmoon
Age: 17
Date of Birth: Feb 10, 1000
Nickname: Trif
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Unknown
Personality: INTJ-A
Likes: Archery, animals, swordfighting, and trees

Hartrif Amazon Euner Bloodmoon was born to Griffin Bloodmoon
and Klara Amazon on February 10th, 1000 in Rockshore Harbor, Blemia.
At the age of 10, Hartrif’s parents were murdered by savages at night, and
Hartrif fled to the forests of West Blemia. There Hartrif fended for herself.
She hunted deer in the forest and became very skilled with the bow. She also
took up swordfighting and made friends with the beasts of the land. On Hartrif’s
17th Birthday, a group of vicious explorers arrived in the wild savage-inhabited
forests of West Blemia. They treated Hartrif as an enemy and tried to take
her captive. But Hartrif made friends with one of the explorers, a young
man named Oregon.
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