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"He Came From The Woods" || The Satyr || Contest Entry

"He Came From The Woods" || The Satyr || Contest Entry Minecraft Skin

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"He came from the woods
From mountains above
To give back the Gods
His undying love

He shelters in Gardens;
Nests in the trees.
Protecting the glory;
The Past he bequeath"

One of a class of lustful, drunken woodland gods. In Greek art they were represented as a man with a horse's ears and tail, but in Roman representations as a man with a goat's ears, tail, legs, and horns.

The Satyr came from the woods, protecting the gardens of the witches who live on the edge of it. Known for his previous destructive behavior, his mysterious mask seemingly keeps his sane and transcendent side constantly active. On occasions, he can be seen looking at the full moon, which can only be rooted in misery and grief for something he has once loved, and lost, but that secret he shall keep for himself until the day he is six feet under.

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