heroes always get remembered but you know legends never die Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Medieval Times Minecraft Skin Contest.

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heroes always get remembered but you know legends never die

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this looks trash with the normal pmc skin background ; ;
this skin took me wAY out of my comfort zone h a h a wh a t com fo rt z on e but it was fun to make and took me like 3 hours heck
- i never make steve skins
- i never make guy skins
- i never make not teen skins
- ive never made a mustache br uh

emperor of the creepers
There was once a legend about a world where mobs would bow down to the one and only emperor with his faithful army- who would literally explode when enemies are close.
As the only one with the exotic green jewel to control them, his reign has last many years until one day, when a boy found a jewel just like the emperor's in the caves of the high mountains that rarely anyone lived in for the safest place was inside the emperor's walled off world.
Once the child held the jewel the kingdom grew into chaos and the creepers had a newly appointed leader. The child was young but had faced many hardships and one traumatising experience of being seperated from his family and sent to the high mountains, banished for disagreeing with the emperor.
It almost seemed like pure coincidence for him to be chosen.
When the boy walked out of the cave, curiously looking at the green jewel, he took a look off into the distance and was shocked to see the emperor's world gone and replaced by a giant crater immeasureable in size.

think of one of the lyrics as "finders creepers, losers weepers" ;)

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