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hidden in the sand (oc :D)

hidden in the sand (oc :D) Minecraft Skin
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avatar maggotface
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so I entered this dude Mydom for skin fight ocs, but I changed his design a bit, the vibrancy on the colours is the most noticeable thing, my old design is in my first art blog.

his mask actually functions as his actual face so the mouth and eyes move and everything lmao
(don’t ask about what’s under the mask >:OOO)

this was also a bit of an experiment with masks and vibrant colours since I’ve never tried a mask b4, and vibrant colours aren’t a strong point for me so I tried lookin a bit more into how to make them look good c:

the song choice is bc it’s a soft song? if you know what I mean, I think it’s like Mydom’s personality a bit, y’know he’s trying his best bruh. he’s a good dude but he ain’t a lucky one so it’s a big sad 😔 (it’s also the lyrics bc they could describe my dude’s story in way)

yes his name is after the mydoom virus leave me alone


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