HL / HL2 Skin Series - Metrocop / Civil Protection Minecraft Skin
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HL / HL2 Skin Series - Metrocop / Civil Protection

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UnderMotion avatar UnderMotion
Level 50 : Grandmaster Architect
The first skin in my upcoming Half-Life and Half-Life 2 series of skins. I will be working on them alongside Motion's Textures, so don't worry, I've not given up work on my texture pack!

This skin features the Metrocop or Civil Protection unit, whom are encountered various times throughout Half-Life 2. They act as police patrol around City 17.

Please do support my work by sharing this page's link with people you know, and giving it a diamond! Further support is much appreciated!

If you want a custom skin made just for you, feel free to message me at any time!

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01/02/2016 10:04 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Architect
Darino_Funneh avatar
Your really good at shading! I think I might request a skin, it'll basically be this skin but sorta different.
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