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Level 36 : Artisan Artist
Hua Cheng/Crimson Rain Sought Flower from the Chinese bl novel Heavens Official Blessing. Hes the ghost king, and is known for killing and burning the shrines of 33 Heavenly Officials.
If you havent read the novel, you should! Its by Mo Xiang Tongxiu.
some pics ^^

Im just making an account here so I can transfer my skins from Miners Need Cool Shoes (other skin making website/my main and most used one) and have an Alex model for them skinny noodle arms
I love this skin but i absolutely despised making it.

lol its also annoying when ppl mistake my skins for girls (theyre NOT, just cause theyre guys doesnt mean they should be ur basic b!tch hot gamer guy chad. leave me and my hot ancient chinese men alone). lol just cause im a girl doesnt mean i have to have girl skins
dudes are just cooler

and i might be obsessed with chinese novels you never know
Im also making skins from the novels Mo Dao Zu Shi, Scum Villains Self Saving System, and I might do more of Heavens Official Blessing, but please dont repost w/out permission. I found a Wei Wuxian skin on here (which was originally on mncs) that wasnt credited.
Currently, I have made Wei Wuxian, Shen Qingqiu, Xie Lian, and Hua Cheng. I still need to work on Lan Wangji and Luo Binghe though, so look forward to that.
If you want to find my other skins, theyre on Miners Need Cool Shoes, under the name _KawaiiNerds_ (its so old lmao)

Please credit me if you decide to edit/repost on another website!!

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