Icon of Sin (DOOM Eternal) [Battle Of Our Boss Skins] Minecraft Skin
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Icon of Sin (DOOM Eternal) [Battle Of Our Boss Skins]

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As it is written in the prophecies of ancient Sentinel scripture, the Titans - towering elder demons of the infernal age - would return, unearthed from their immortal slumber. The Titans are believed to be harbingers of the end-times, primordial forces of chaos and destruction.

Born from the tortured spirit of the Betrayer's son, it was by Hell's unholy design that the Icon of Sin was given flesh. The fearsome Titan, forged from the essence of mortal suffering, once bore a human soul - a soul now transmogrified and entombed within the still beating heart of its former self. The Betrayer, seeking to free his son from eternal torment within the depths of Hell, made an agreement - a pact sealed by the black fates of darkness - that promised to grant his son the chance to return from death. The son would live again, but not as a human - in Hell's endless cruelty, the son was damned to become the Icon, an inhuman existence bound only to its former humanity by the now disembodied, undying mortal heart.


Behold, the final boss of DOOM Eternal, the Icon of Sin. Made for DragonsDungeon's Battle of Our Boss Skins skin collaboration. Making a skin of a skyscraper-sized armored goat demon was indeed a challenge, but I did it.

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Icon of Sin (DOOM Eternal) [Battle Of Our Boss Skins] Minecraft Skin



Battle Of Our Boss Skins

Welcome back to the stream server special! Today we present to you our latest workings: The Boss Battle collection! Unlike previous collections done, this one is cross-media and does not select for a specific popular medium to work with. No more exclusively Mario or Sonic; everyone is welcome! Only rule: It must be able to be perceived or listed as a boss character!To check out the awesome skins, we have made a collection!To participate in future projects, please join the stream server! The images in the description can be clicked for an invite link to the server, so there's nothing stopping you! We look forward to seeing you there!https://discord.gg/xnKB8F8
CreditDragonsDungeon for the collab, id Software / Bethesda for the game

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The longer the icon if sin remains on Earth, the stronger it will become.
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