Ijs Voorouder (3rd Place!) Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Santa's Workshop Skin Contest.

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Ijs Voorouder (3rd Place!)

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Dunlan_Willowbo's Avatar Dunlan_Willowbo
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The Story!

Mr. and Mrs. Tinseltonl were quietly relaxing in their small cottage that stood right outside of Mr. Claus's workshop. Mrs. Tinselton was intently reading the latest issue of Elf Fashion, while Mr. Tinselton was dozing off to a "Tale of two workshops". This was just an ordinary night for the couple, until they heard a faint noise.

"Wah! Wah! Awah!", cried the unknown noise.

"By Cupid what is that noise?" complained Mr. Tinselton I am trying to slee….uh..I mean…er..read!"

"I think it came from outside!" exclaimed Mrs. Tinselton.

The two hurried out of their seats and rushed to the door. Opening their door, the couple found a blue baby, swaddled in cloth, lying on their door mat. The baby was not like any elf baby they had ever seen for it was larger than Mr. Tinselton. Poorly written on the cloth that surrounded him, were the words, "Ijs Voorouder".

"Why that must be his name." observed Mr. Tinselton.

"Oh dear, what are we going to do with this child?" Mrs. Tinselton asked in desperation.

After a long conversation deciding if they should keep him filled with "What will you mother think?" and "We don't have a bed that will fit him!", the Tinseltons decided they had no choice but to keep him. The infant was too big for their standard elf clothing, so they had to make him clothes out of deer skin (poor Mrs. Donner).

*Several years later*

The boy, whom everyone called Ijs, was now all grown up and as tall as a christmas tree. Ijs was not the most brightest creature, and was not like the other elves. Still, Ijs was of age and he could now go work in Santa's workshop.

The First thing they do when you get started at the workshop, is find a position for you. Mr. Snive Sugarplum was in charge of this.

Mr. Sugarplum was a small thing, like most elves are. But he was quite smaller than the rest. His high cockney voice certainly did not make trees tremble, nor any elves.

"Ah, Ijs!" squeaked Snive to Ijs, who was like a mountain towering over the small elf, "Are you ready to find yourself a star position in Santa's Workshop?"

"Yup!" shouted the dim-witted giant.

"Alright," said Snive, rubbing his ears to recover from Ijs loud exclamation, "let's get started."

Snive led Ijs down a diverse amount of stairs and hallways, which Snive seemed to know like the back of his tiny hand. Snive finally stopped at a big green door with big golden words on it that read "Toy Assembly Room" and proceeded to walk in with Ijs following him. The large spacious room was lined with blue tables reaching from one end of the room to the other. Sitting at these were cheerful elves ,dressed in green and red, happily making toys.

"Here is how it is going to go Ijs." piped Snive. "I am going to give you the exponents to one nutcracker, and you must assemble it without fail."

After saying this, Snive handed Ijs the ingredients of the toy.

"You may sit down at this table" directed Snive, as he motioned the big fellow towards a small table in the corner of the room, "and use these tools beside you.

As Snive pointed out, there was a hammer, and six nails. Ijs looked at all the pieces, and then back at the tools. Then back at the pieces, back at the tools. Many things were racing through Ijs tiny brain. He started to panic and he felt like everyone in the room was staring at him. Why did Snive have to give him such a hard tas-


All the work in the room stopped and everyone turned their head to where the noise came from. Instead of making a nutcracker, Ijs had made a nutcracker mess to Snives discomfort.

"Well…" muttered Snive nervously, "I guess we can move on now."

Ijs performance did not improve in any other position Snive analyzed him in. At the gift wrapping center, Ijs mistook Snive as a present and wrapped him up including tying him in a bow. At the Reindeer Stable, Ijs proceed to feed Blitzen, who got scared and panicked, kicking Snive right in the chest which sent him flying through the wall. And finally, at the Candy Factory, Ijs somehow got Snive stuck to a piece of taffy about to go throughout the taffy roller.

"Well," said Snive still catching his breath and pulling out taffy and patches of red hair as well, "that was interesting. I'm sorry Ijs, we just don't have any potions that fit your…uh…qualities."

"OK" said Ijs, and then he gloomily walked out the front door.

Snive watched Ijs through the window and noticed how easily he shoveled the five foot deep snow out of his way as he walked. That gave Snive an idea.

"Ijs! Ijs!" yelled Snive beckoning Ijs to come back inside, which he did.

Snive told him his wonderful plan. Snive gave Ijs the position of Runway Snow Clearer. This would help Santa a lot for in past Christmases, some reindeer ran into large piles of snow on the runway, injuring themselves. Now Ijs spends his days brushing away snow, which he very much does enjoy.

Artwork of the skin by me!

Hope you like the skin! It was hard thinking of something. Tell me how I did in the comments! And make sure to Diamond, Favorite, and Subscribe!

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Dunlan_Willowbo 12/18/2013 10:59:18 amDec 18th, 2013

Toned down the skin highlight a bit. Also added some parts I forgot (silly me).
And I added artwork by me!

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Woopwoop ♥
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Ijs Voorouder stands for "Ice Ancestor" ( i can thank google for that)
02/18/2014 8:48 am
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Erg goed gedaan.
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It looks somewhat like a frost giant
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Maybe thats what it is.
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Hmm... Good skin and story anyway!
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yum was the only thing I read