Imit/Evil Dyna Miracle [Ultraman Dyna] Minecraft Skin
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Imit/Evil Dyna Miracle [Ultraman Dyna]

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Imit/Evil Dyna Miracle [Ultraman Dyna] Minecraft Skin
Imit/Evil Dyna Miracle [Ultraman Dyna] Minecraft Skin
Imit/Evil Dyna Miracle [Ultraman Dyna] Minecraft Skin

The Imitation of Ultraman Dyna Miracle!!!hehehehehe....if only they have Imit Dyna Strong

But i'm only doing the Miracle type because the Flash type have no different from the original and there isn't a Strong type.

Imit(short for Imitation) Dyna Miracle or Evil Dyna or even False Dyna is a clone of Ultraman Dyna. it's the form GregorlMan took.In the show,Alien GregorlMan is trying to show the world his strength. He fought Dyna while using Dyna's Miracle form.during the battle,Imit Dyna summoned 4 sword.the sword connect to each others by some lighting drop down around Dyna and Imit Dyna.making it like some wrestling ring.that sword can be more useful if only it didn't turn into some WWE ring!That sword maybe can kill Dyna in one HIT!

Ok let's talk about the skin! the skin only prob is that his Timer is a bit big and it's the second feature what make Dyna...DYNA!! so it's important.....the Yellow & Black are so thin that making it doesn't seems like it follow from the pic. Come ON! Imit Dyna other feature's are his yellow & Black line! so that thing is also important. The other thing that Make Dyna...DYNA is that diamond looking thing on his forehead....and that's a prob to MCSkin logic

(While i was doing this...i was thinking) Fan Fic!

Steve: hey there

Imit Dyna:.......

Steve: Nice sword you got there

Imit Dyna:.......

Steve: is it cool if i borrow it?

Imit Dyna:......

Steve: what about just holding it

Imit Dyna:........

Steve: Come On! you have like 4 of them! can you lend me one?!

Imit Dyna:......

Steve:*sigh* ((this is why i steal the villager's stuff)) To hell with you!

*:Steve push Imit Dyna by throwing a harming potion at him.Imit Dyna fall into a lava pit

Steve:.....tell my dog i said "Hi"......ok then, lets see how long can you BWAAAAAA!!!!
*:Steve grab the sword.he then got electricuted

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Update #1 Change of shade : by Powered-Great 08/20/2016 6:59:08 amAug 20th, 2016

this foo is bright so why did i ended up making him so dark?!

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