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sunlight in the swamp

sunlight in the swamp Minecraft Skin
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avatar frorgi
Level 35 : Artisan Bear
another oldish 128x128 skin :) this was a palette challenge on skinseed but the contest was deleted before i could finish so

also i have a couple different color variations that you can see belowTitle of Expandable Spoiler

also i've posted more this week than i have in the past like 2 years

guess you could say im #motivated because i really like making hd skins B) though im sure im gonna burn out soon cause i have a big order that i need to fill and afterwards ill probably never want to make a skin again

anyways thank you reading and diamonding and everything it really means a lot to me even tho it doesn't seem like it

wow that was sappy anyways goodbye i love you all and if i don't die in this hurricane i will speak to you soon
FormatHD Bedrock
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