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{]Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy[} Bitway Ozrock

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Level 28 : Expert Spider Rider
Bitway Ozrock (ビットウェイ・オズロック, Bittowei Ozurokku) is an alien and a member of the Ginga Renpou Hyougikai. He's also a forward and the captain of Ixal Fleet, as well as being the main antagonist in the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.
  • "The perpetrator who planned the galaxy-wide soccer tournament, so that he could get his hands on the cosmic plasma and control it."

Notice : I do not own this character, he belongs to Level 5 Inc. and Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy.

I did not include his captain armband, as it would look too weird. If you wish, you may add it in yourself, but do not redistribute.

CreditLevel 5 Inc.

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