It is I, RED SON Minecraft Skin
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It is I, RED SON

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ChaotixkbyDesign's Avatar ChaotixkbyDesign
Level 46 : Master Lad
This one was delayed by holidays and travel stuff ;^^ But here it is! He's actually my favorite character from the show so I was scared to do him dirty with a bad skin <<; BUT HERE IT IS, I hope the shading and such is on par.

Happy holidays tho! Excited to see what this next year has in store, while also being scared cause oh no,,, A new year o . o

The best of luck to all and enjoy!

Oh, also have a version without the transparency incase you want to play in 1.8 or earlier :D
It is I, RED SON Minecraft Skin

This is NOT my character, this is Red Son from the show Lego Monkie Kid

It is I, RED SON Minecraft Skin
CreditLego Monkie Kid, created by Flying Bark Productions

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