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Jada - OC Minecraft Skin
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It's the last day of pride month and I had to make another pride skin!
This is my new OC; Jada.
Jada is an introvert but when it comes to a cause she cares about she's out-going. Some of her hobbies include reading, taking care of her plants and looking after animals. She's really shy but once you get to know her, she's adventurous and loud.
She's a 17 year old bisexual who listens to way too much; Hayley Kiyoko, girl in red, Troy Sivan and more.
Her favourite type of movies/series are comedies, romances and documentaries.

I want to start making more diverse skins and trying to progress my skins for the better. I tend to only stick to female skins but I'd really like to start making more boy skins and different races. We are all unique and beautiful.

If you do not support the movement, then get off my page and block me.
You can't be LGBTQ and celebrate pride month then not support black lives. The only reason pride month is a thing because of a black woman. Like the whole purpose of pride month is to remember what they did for us, to celebrate some of our basic human rights and to still fight on with getting treated equally and more.
And before anyone says "All lives matter", the slogan "Black lives matter" is not saying you do not matter. Black people for centuries have been discriminated due to the colour of their skin and their heritage. The movement is about cancelling that racism, getting their equal rights and their basic human rights. "Black lives matter does not imply that ONLY they matter. There is an implied "too" at the end. But at this moment black lives are at the most danger and need the most support! Saying All Lives Matter, no matter what the intention, is not the appropriate thing to say." - cyan-illust @IG
If you don't understand what I mean, I know I've explained it terribly but click here. This website gives you 9 ways of it being explained which is really easy to understand.

History of Pride Month.

If you're interested in donating to cause, myself and Zith both have links to donations on our pages of a variety of different things.

Check out this link for other ways to help the movement that don't involve donating!

Any negative responses to any of the above will be deleted so do not waste your time posting negativity. :)

I do not own the art used above, all credit goes to the artists on deviantart. :)
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