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Jaqskur Druegersten, Slayer of Dragons

Jaqskur Druegersten, Slayer of Dragons Minecraft Skin
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avatar JackSkellingtonMC
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In the cold northern lands of Berk, lived a man of myth and tall tales. But this man was no mere myth, he was as real as the cold grip of the winter, and the flaming heat of a dragon's breath was in these lands. Jaqskur Druegersten was known by the people of Berk as a legendary warrior who had slain countless dragons and enemy clans of man alike. His greatest accomplishment was his defeat of a menacing ice dragon known as The White Death by the people of the countryside. The beast was as legendary as the people made it out to be but Jaqskur stood his ground and charged the creature like a rampaging Drueger and sliced the beast's head off taking its skull as his trophy. He wears this as his helmet, and never takes it off, believing it to be one with himself.

Jaqskur is loosely based off of the characters from How to Train Your Dragon/Nightmare Before Christmas. This combination takes the character of Jack and turns him into a ruthless marauding Drueger from Nordic/Celtic legend. And to give him the skeleton like appearance he wears the skull of an ice dragon which he has slain triumphantly.

This skin was made using a template found on Skindex, and was made for the upcoming How To Train Your Dragon event coming to The Palace Network mc server.
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