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~*~Jess (OC)~*~

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ahh y e s my first oc (original character)
Her name is Jess (short for Jessica)

Gender : Girl
Pronouns : she/her
Favorite food : Dino chicken nuggets ( xD )
Fav Sport : none
Friends : (I haven't made these skins yet but they're coming :3)
Lisa, Anna, and Jake
Rivals/ Enemies : Sophia and Noah
Her Story :

Jessica was popular at her school and lots of guys (and girls) liked her. But the truth is that, she didn't actually have any friends. Everyone who wanted to be her friend just ended up using her so that they could get popular. There was one other girl who was as popular as Jess, Sophia. Sophia was the type of girl who will get with people who like her so that she can break their hearts.
Mwahaha (I'll continue this story some other time cause my hands are hurting xD )

Sophia did have one real friend though. Her name is Noah. (Noah is a boy but her pronouns are she/her and she likes boys and girls) In middle school Noah and Sophia used to be kind and not popular kids, but weirdly in high school they just became rude and popular.

Jess had three childhood friends, Lisa, Anna and Jake. More about Sophia, Noah, Lisa, Anna, and Jake when I make their skins. xD <3

The colors I used

bye now!<3 uwu
oh yea
credit to gumoholic for the bangs and hair shading
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