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Jodo Kast Minecraft Skin
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avatar BobaTheFett
Level 21 : Expert Hunter
Jodo Kast was a bounty hunter who wore modified Mandalorian armor. Kast was sometimes mistaken for the infamous Boba Fett because of the similarity between the two's armor, and Kast took advantage of this when he could. This, of course was extremely risky, as the possibility of Boba Fett finding out could have deadly repercussions. Jodo Kast was arrogant though, and came to think of Fett as a "fossil," even thinking of himself as better than the older bounty hunter. He was not as skilled as Fett, though, and Kast would eventually realize the dangers of stealing Boba's identity, and consequently he temporarily stopped assuming Boba's identity, and instead attempted to make his own name in the bounty hunting community. However, after Boba's presumed death in a Sarlacc pit on Tatooine, Jodo decided to continue stealing Fett's name. Jodo figured that now he not only had the opportunity to fool people into believing that Boba Fett had lived, but could also capitalize on Boba Fett's reputation by taking jobs under his name, and making much more money as a result, all without fear of being caught in the act by the real Boba Fett. This presumably could have gone on for quite a long time without incident, if it weren't for one thing... Boba Fett survived, and he was raging mad about some pathetic wannabe trying to make money off of his name. In fact, Jodo posed a "double threat" of sorts to the real Boba Fett. Jodo was not only regularly assuming Boba's identity, but he was also soiling his reputation if and when he failed a job. Ultimately, Jodo's streak identity theft caught up with him; Boba Fett wanted to get retribution for the many jobs, credits and -foremostly- portions of reputation that Kast had taken from him. Disguising himself, Boba Fett met up with Jodo Kast and hired him to hunt down a man that didn't exist. Jodo tracked down this fictional character to the planet of Nal Hutta, only to find Boba Fett himself waiting in ambush. A fight ensued, and was ended when Boba Fett first damaged Kast's jetpack -with which he was attempting to escape- and then fired a nerve toxin into Kast's neck, paralyzing him. Kast then fell to the ground, unable to move. Upon defeating him, Boba stripped the the wounded, inert and petrified Jodo Kast of the Mandalorian armor he was wearing and proclaimed that-

"You didn't earn this armor! You didn't earn my reputation. You called me a 'fossil'. If you were going to be me, you should have learned from this fossil. You'll never be me."

Boba then laid three vials next to Kast, claiming one was the antidote to the nerve toxin, and that if he could reach it, Kast may have enough time to escape before his jetpack (which Fett had rigged to self destruct) exploded. He didn't however, and Kast's exploding jetpack killed him.

FormatUniversal 64x32

03/27/2013 4:04 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Engineer
who's that??

cool skin :D
03/27/2013 5:40 pm
Level 21 : Expert Hunter
Theres a huge bio on him in the description but here's a link-

03/28/2013 6:55 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Engineer
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