Joey the Cosmic Salsa Jar ~ Default Color Palette Minecraft Skin
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Joey the Cosmic Salsa Jar ~ Default Color Palette

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Redfuzzyturtle avatar Redfuzzyturtle
Level 22 : Expert Taco
Is it possible to like... hire someone to think of names for skins? It's so hardddd ahahaha.

I only used the default PMCSkin3D palette, no other colors at all. I did use transparency for the 3D layer though. So that's fun.

I tried using the default palette for this skin, didn't turn out so hot, so i tried again with this skin. I like this one muuuch better.

Wait also aren't the things in Soul all called Joey??? I realised that after i named it o-0

(Update after googling)

Nope they're called Jerry. I was close.
CreditPMCSkin3D's palette :)

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