To Love Life - Candays Secret Santa Minecraft Skin
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To Love Life - Candays Secret Santa

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Angel Devil avatar Angel Devil
Level 54 : Grandmaster Necromancer
hi this is for secret santa which can be found here
i really tried to make a lightsource but with cool colors and all, some parts are a little iffy to me but i really tried :(
the head is the most illuminated but the light also reaches areas such as the shoulders and chest
i not too long ago attempted to make a prism like source with another skin but it didnt work out
so heres another chance to try it! :'D
but yeah, my person was Obscurum, they make really cool skins, my idea of the skin is also like some of their recent skins like this one which helped me keep this idea since i thought they'd really like it :3 (hopefully they do)
They wanted something based off of at least one of the 3 songs, I liked them all but the most inspiring was All This and Heaven Too

tangent about my interpretation & description of skin

It was a very personal song. The song spoke of trying to understand what love is. But in my head this comes out as loving life. oop lots of mental health stuff yeah. mental health is hard to describe and it is hard to understand. As someone who has been struggling with depression and many other issues for a very long time, it can be really difficult to love or even bare existing sometimes y'know? I have read a lot from other members on this site and I feel a lot of us have gone through very tough times. It's hard to understand why you have to be hurt and go through terrible things a lot. You have your good and bad days, sometimes more than good. But we just have to keep moving forward. Make the best of what we have, and do our best to keep our chins up.
the character is looking to their mind/thoughts. they are trying to grasp and understand everything that runs through their head. there is a lot of darkness, but there are also places you can see light. colorful places full of life that you can see and describe. they are beautiful memories and hopes and ambitions. you must look up to these, on the brighter sides of things to love life. they are the pieces that keep moving you forward.
if youre struggling just know i believe in ya :) <3

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12/24/2020 8:45 pm
Level 49 : Master Dragonborn
Obscurum avatar
aye i really love this! 2020 has been really rough for everyone, and though things can be a bit dire, it's nice to keep a little hope or light on the side. Thank you for this! I really loved your interpretation of the song and the direction you went with the skin. Happy Holidays!
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