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Kabhran Crágar, Master Buttonsmith

Kabhran Crágar, Master Buttonsmith Minecraft Skin
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avatar Mr_Macussay
Level 17 : Journeyman Dragonborn
This is my contest entry for PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft’s Fantasy Skin Contest. I decided to create one of my favorite Dungeons and Dragons races. The Rakshasa; I took inspiration from various images off the Internet. For this skin I came across many challenges: I’ve never made a skin which has a cape, and it was quite a challenge. Though it isn’t the best, I think the cape came out great. Second, it took me a while to figure out the head. It took serious amount of time detailing the tiger-like head. I also had trouble with the boots. I’ve never been good with designing boots, and that’s the one part on this skin I’m not a fan of. Overall, I think the skin came out awesome and really cool.

So as I do for most of my skins, here’s a little story. Also if you want to read more stories check out my collections. This is set in the universe of my fantasy stories, there are some references so check it out. Like the famed Avgurians, remember them? Anyways, hope you enjoy and as always I tried to add some comedy. I also ended it with a cliffhanger so you can decide what happens. I also added a Thanos quote...

Kabhran Crágar set up his shop as the cool ocean breeze rushed into the Mystic Market. A legendary marketplace on the northern edge of the Esvana Coast. Here at the Mystic Market you can find multiple races in harmony without war. The Mystic Market was on the outskirts of Léathamos, one of mighty cities of the Avgurian Empire. Unfortunately It’s 78 B.B.H, and in thirteen days the mighty empire will collapse and the world will plummet into chaos. But this is a much more interesting story. Unlike Kabhran, most Rakshasas sell sugar cane, and silk woven dresses. However, Kabhran sells buttons. A very high end business to be in. He’s collected buttons from around the world. Wooden, gold, and even some ruby ones. He’s a master at the ancient art of buttonsmithing, a complex process of crafting buttons. As the day went by fog lined the buildings, and fewer people visited his tent. The sun began to set, and Kabhran was admiring his various buttons when he heard cry for help in the distance. Kabhran was one of the last shopkeepers out and didn’t want to abandon his tent. The sun ducked behind a tavern, and the plaza went dark. Through the fog he could see a Dragonborn, a Kenku, a Dwarf, and Tiefling. He immediately knew who they were. Folklore he thought to himself, but it was true. They were the infamous Murder of Hobos. A Dungeons and Dragons party gone wild. They didn’t slay dragons, they rode them. Last week Blaernsby went up in flames. A surviver claimed that the Murder of Hobos were responsible for the calamity. It is unknown whether the Dungeon Master went along with the chaos, or is dead. Nevertheless, Kabhran was frightened. He didn’t want to lose his beloved buttons, or possibly die protecting them. He scurried behind his table to grab a sword and wait to see what they did…

Seventy-one years later. It’s 7 B.B.H. and the world is filled with war. Kabhran has never seen a war like this in all his 758 years, as a Rakshasa he’s considered old. He now travels the lands, helping those in need,. He’s also taken up wizardy in his free time. He came across a group of mixed travelers, it brought a smile to his face. It’s the first time in years he’s seen seven different races together. One of them, a Kenku. Asked why he was helping them on their dangerous journey to defeat the evil god-emperor Miejiros.

  He said, “I once lost what I loved, and now I travel helping others on whatever quest.”

  “What did you lose?”

  “Everything. I was a buttonsmith in the once prosperous town of Léathamos. Then a group of ruffians known as the Murder of Hobos destroyed my life’s work.” The group looked to the groups elder, a dwarf.

  “I’m afraid I was one those scoundrels you speak of.” The dwarf solemnly spoke. Rather than terror, Kabhran’s eyes were shown with curiosity. “It’s a past I’ve wanted to put behind me, but I was afraid it’d return.” The Dwarf went on his knees and said humbly, “Strike me down.”

09/17/2020 8:46 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Elf
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