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Kalahari Tribe Woman - 1

Kalahari Tribe Woman - 1 Minecraft Skin
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avatar Terrivel World
Level 33 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
This skin was made in for the "The Lion King - Kalahari Tribe" map, made by me, using the mods "The Lion King" (by Mevans) and "Custom NPC", by Noppes.
Based on my previous study of female skins (www.planetminecraft.com/skin/female-skin-model/), I started to put the ideas on that template into practice.

What defines a "female" skin in Minecraft are big eyes, long hair, colorful clothes and uncovered shoulders. Now, when one needs to draw Native African women, who have small eyes, shaved heads, and wear only skirt of warm colors, how can it be done? For this reason, I made the female skin template linked above.

Usually, African native women doesn't cover their upper body with nothing, using traditional jewelry in some cases. But due to the fact that the space for details in the skin is minimun AND that Minecraft is mostly played by kids, I covered their breasts with misanga collars - still is an accurate conversion.

This one have a Gemsbok skirt, more colorful misangas, silver earings (a metal from the Lion King mod) and a more mature face, in an attempt of showing a mature woman, a mother.

BONUS: This skin works with both "Custom NPC" and "More Player Models" by Noppes.
CreditMevans, Noppes
FormatUniversal 64x32
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