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Kamen Rider Revi Rex Genome (仮面ライダーリバイ レックスゲノム)

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"Buddy Up! Ohing! Shoning! Rolling! Going! Kamen Rider! Revi! Vice! Revice!"

"Buddy Up! Stamping! Passing! Rolling! Going! Kamen Rider! Revi! Vice! Revice!"

Kamen Rider Revi
(仮面ライダーリバ) is the primary rider from Kamen Rider Revice.

Ikki Igarashi (五十嵐 一輝) is the eldest son of the Igarashi family. After his family was attacked by the Deadmans, he makes a contract with his inner demon Vice to become Kamen Rider Revi.

Kamen Rider Revi's main form is Rex Genome (レックスゲノム), accessed using the Rex Vistamp (レックスバイスタンプ) and the Revice Driver (リバイスドライバー). Revi can stamp his own chest to temporarily augment himself with a Vistamp's power. His legs are designed with an internal muscle structure similar to that of a tyrannosaurus, giving Revi high running speed and kicking power.

Stats and parts from TV Asahi (Kamen Rider Revi Rex Genome information at TV-Asahi), translated into English:
  • Height: 198.2 cm
  • Weight: 93.6 kg
  • Punching Power: 8.9 t
  • Kicking Power: 32.1 t
  • Maximum Running Speed: 3.8 s per 100 m
  • Maximum Jump Height: 28.2 m
Parts of Kamen Rider Revi Rex Genome and their functions:
  • Rex Revi Head (レックスリバイヘッド): The helmet.
  • Rex Revi Top (レックスリバイトップ): The helmet armor. The rare metal called Astmetalm (アストメタルム) is made into an egg-shape to efficiently absorb impacts and protect the head.
  • Revice Signal (リバイスシグナル): The forehead gem. Improves the accuracy of attacks with the buddy Kamen Rider Vice by adjusting the output and timing of attacks.
  • Rex Revi Eye (レックスリバイアイ): The compound eyes. Like the eyes of a hunter, they have the dynamic vision and wide-viewing angle of the carnivorous dinosaur, allowing them to accurately capture the movement of any small target.
  • Rex Revi Crusher (レックスリバイクラッシャー): The mouthplate. With its excellent respiratory efficiency, it can intake the same amount of oxygen even in extreme conditions.
  • Rex Embreast (レックスエンブレスト): The chest armor. The symbol engraved on the chest provides the abilities of a T-rex. The R-factor in the Rex Vistamp was developed exclusively for the Revice system, thus it has the most balanced power output.
  • Revi Genomic Suit (リバイゲノミックスーツ): The undersuit. It configures the genetic information of the animal into a suit and is deployed upon activating Buddy Up with the Revice Driver, transforming the user into Kamen Rider Revi.
  • Rex Revi Shoulder (レックスリバイショルダー): The shoulder pads. The powerful armor made of Astmetalm, a rare material collected from meteorites, transforms the genetic information of animal into an optimum shape in conjunction with the Revi Genomic Suit.
  • Rex Revi Arm (レックスリバイアーム): The arms. With the energy supplied by the Revi Genomic Suit, the physical abilities of the user is enhanced by providing the durability of a T-rex.
  • Rex Revi Glove (レックスリバイグローブ): The gloves. The strength of a T-rex's jaws is emulated, allowing them to exert enough power to crush a large tree.
  • Rex Revi Leg (レックスリバイレッグ): The legs. By changing the Genome Shift (ゲノムシフト), the function that governs the species composition of the Revi Genomic Suit, the shape of the legs are altered to that of a T-rex, increasing their destructive power.
  • Rex Revi Boots (レックスリバイブーツ): The boots. It replicates the muscle structure of running dinosaurs called "Arctometatarsal" (アークトメタターサル), dramatically improving running speed. Upon activating the finisher with the Revice Driver and converging energy into the soles, Revi can perform the finishing attack called Rex Stamping Finish to cancel a Deadman's contract.

Kamen Rider Revi and Kamen Rider Vice have an arsenal of various weapons at their disposal. Their primary weapon is the Ohinbuster 50 (オーインバスター50), an axe that can transform into a gun. The weapon has a stamp pad that the user can use a Vistamp on to initiate various special attacks. Another weapon they have is the Osutoderuhammer 50 (オストデルハンマー50), a large hammer that can scan various materials and create projectiles it can knock into enemies. The two weapons can then be combined into the Revicelasher (リバイスラッシャー), a large sword that can cut through large groups of enemies with ease.

"Remix! Buddy Up! Hissatsu! Kuridasu! Max! Rex!"

"Remix! Buddy Up! Finisher! Let it out! Max! Rex!"

When Remix is activated, he combines with Vice into Revice Rex (リバイスレックス), a large T-rex. Revi forms the head while Vice forms the rest of the body.

Parts of Revice Rex and their functions:
  • Revice Rex Head (リバイスレックスヘッド)
  • Revice Rex Body (リバイスレックスボディ)
  • Revice Rex Arm (リバイスレックスアーム)
  • Revice Rex Leg (リバイスレックスレッグ)
  • Revice Rex Tail (リバイスレックステール)

Kamen Rider Revi Rex Genome has the following finishers:
  • Rex Stamping Finish (レックススタンピングフィニッシュ)
First appearance: Saber + Zenkaiger: Super Hero Senki (first seen), Kamen Rider Revice Episode 1 (first chronological appearance)

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