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[Kari] Shadow || OC || Happy (late) Children's Day

[Kari] Shadow || OC || Happy (late) Children's Day Minecraft Skin
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avatar TsukiaKari
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Necromancer
actually not sure how to feel about the placement of that lock of white hair but oh well I’ve already drawn it like that

yay first oc skin in a very long time

this is uhhhhhh wait I never actually gave him a name oops well he’s the younger brother of another oc but I have yet to skin him like most of my other ocs so I’ll link that skin when it’s made

theres a particular reason why this skin is named "Shadow" but more will be explained in the bios of this guy and his brother

ill try to think of a name when I skin his older brother but for now this bio will be nameless

oh one more thing this oc and his brother are the children of two of my other ocs when they’re older so that’s why the ages differences are wack between them and their parents



anyways happy children's day lol even if this is two days late cuz I forgot
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