[Kari] Lightning Empress Minecraft Skin
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[Kari] Lightning Empress

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TsukiaKari avatar TsukiaKari
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Do you know how long it took me to put together the base with so many details ugh

This is Raiden Mei from a mobile game called Honkai Impact 3

The battle suit I skinned was Lightning Empress, Mei's psychic type battle suit. I would’ve used Valkyrie Bladestrike but I didn’t want to skin another Valkyrie battle suit so I chose this instead. I figured I will skin three creature types (as I only have one Yae Sakura and she's a creature type) so instead of Crimson Impulse I had to choose between this and Shadow Dash.. but Shadow Dash's outfit is too hard compared to this so yeah :p

The six valkyries are: Yae Sakura, Murata Himeko, Bronya Zaychik, Kiana Kaslana, Mei, Theresa Apocalypse

Mei is interrupted too easily so she's useless but Valkyrie Bladestrike is okay and Lightning Empress is more effective than Yamabuki Armor
The weapon you kinda see here is Vermillion Edge and there’s no back view as you can’t see anything but hair
[Kari] Lightning Empress Minecraft Skin

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