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Katelyn (Aphmau) (Phoenix Drop High) (Minecraft

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Kyara_Rose avatar Kyara_Rose
Level 55 : Grandmaster Witch
SO MANY APHMAU SKINS!!! xl helpmeplz... ANYWAYS!!! Here's Katelyn from Phoenix Drop High! :D I had to make her! SHE'S JUST SO CUTE!!! AAAAAAAH!!! *cough cough* Anyways! Teeheehee~! Kawaii~Chan remembers her high school days with Katelyn~Sama and everyone else... they were fun! Aphmau~Senpai, Lucinda~Chan, Katelyn~Sama, Nicole~Chan, and Kawaii~Chan always has so much fun! *giggles* Oh! Hi, Kawaii~Chan! I forgot you were here! *giggles* It's ok, Kyara~Chan! I forgive you! Can Kawaii~Chan say the outro for Kyara~Chan? Pleeeease?~ *smiles* Alright Kawaii~Chan! Take it away! YAY!!! Anyways, Kawaii~Chan and Kyara~Chan hope everyone enjoys this adorable skin Kyara~Chan made! As she says, credit where credit is due! Free for anyone to use in Minecraft or a roleplay!
~Kyara & Kawaii~Chan =^w^=
CreditAphmau, PrincessRizu (Voice Actress)

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