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KillerSwap pap (i tried- it looks shitty ;w;)

KillerSwap pap (i tried- it looks shitty ;w;) Minecraft Skin
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avatar SleepingYui
Level 30 : Artisan Skinner
he was originally forced into doing genocide, but then started liking it,
getting into the groove, and killed frisk when he didn't need her anymore. only to continue killing.
i mean, exp is exp,
and this would be in his au- he would be randomly booped out of his au for no god-damn reason O^O.,
Killer!Swap Papyrus is very thoughtful but not to the point of feelings usually, enjoys killing most of the time, hates being belittled, and generally is a character seen as a 'Bad guy'. Killer also seems to suffer from multiple personality disorders, one part of him, liking the killing, and the
other part a lusty motherfucker- and the third personality, just plain hates killing, his self before he well- started killing-

There are 4 interpretations of these timelines:

#1: He killed frisk and continued on his Genocide.

#2: He joined frisk and made a partnered Genocide.

#3: He joined frisk in his Genocide, but later decided to kill them and continue his Genocide route.

#4: He is forced to do a Genocide run by frisk.

i want this character to be a mix between 4, 1, and 3 with this one O^O OWO

now art (that isn't mine owo) that i used for reference

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