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kindness takes guts. | ms. rein

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Level 33 : Artisan Strawberry
happy new year nerds

๏ปฟthis my oc rein who looks a bit different from my drawing bc i gave her a new hair style but oh well.

this year was the sh*ttiest by far but i guess there's hope

+ i have a knew hair shading style (again) but i swear i'm sticking to it
ms. rein's profile.
Rein is 'bout 14, but she doesn't like age stuff so she just shrugs most of the time when people ask (sometimes with important people but she doesn't really get in trouble all that much). she lives in louisiana (america), but she honestly couldn't care less where she lived because she has a pretty nice talent of making herself at home anywhere. her father's dead, but she's got a lil bro and a mother plus her grandmother. she's fairly stubborn to a point where she has blisters all over her feet because she refuses to wear socks with her converse shoes (even though her mother is very strict on that). whenever you see her she's always got splodges of paint on her somewhere because she's always painting random things that she finds (some cases it's almost graffiti, but she paints sunsets and crap on things so people kind of just leave it). she's considered the town's peintre furtif (stealth painter), though they don't know it's exactly her; they have a handful of people who they believe are the peintre furtif. she always has a red bandanna around her leg for cleaning off brushes whilst she paints, and also to hold bushes if needed.

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