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Kobold Princess Tsaverli

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Level 48 : Master Enderdragon
Passing several other towers along the way, absent-mindedly casting glances at their respective signs as he did so, Ash stopped as he realized he had reached one end of the open circle formation. Shoot. How much time do I even have left? He hurried over to this particular tower to inspect its sign, this time paying attention to what he was reading.

Naive, with a sense of curiosity that often gets her into trouble. She wants to learn more about human culture.

Something about this description was oddly endearing to Ash. Surely he could act as this princess's protector and guide too, just as he was to Avynne. This new princess could even be her friend due to her presumably non-human nature to boot. Again, the knight had no idea what the numbers meant, but, adding them up, they were equal to those on Avynne's tower sign.

Before he entered the tower, however, Ash had to check one more thing. Taking out the golden feather Avynne gave him, he held onto it tightly, but not hard enough to crush it, and jumped up. Soon he was rising shakily, as if propelled by an invisible pair of wings that had suddenly sprouted from his back. He flew circles around the tower, with his movement becoming steadier with each loop until he found it satisfactory for now, though far from perfect; after that he dove into the tower's entrance and flew up its interior.

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Having reached the door after a swift ascent thanks to Avynne's gift, Ash pondered what he had to say. Given his experience with the previous princess, he had a rough idea of what questions to ask: name, species, offer to rescue, as well as any gifts the princess might offer. And introduce himself, of course, there was no way he was forgetting about that this time around.

Just as before, he pushed open the door with a shout of "Princess, I've come for you!" That should be my catchphrase from now on! He only managed to catch a glimpse of a small green shape in one of the corners before it scurried up to him in a flash, uttering a sharp gasp. "Are you a human? A real human?" a diminutive reptilian being before him asked excitedly, hopping on the spot.
"Why yes, I am - Ash Gray the knight, and you are-" Ash began, trying not to get overwhelmed.
"Tsaverli!" the princess replied, clearly thrilled, before running off to retrieve a pair of items: an unlit red candle and a glowing orange stone. "What are those?" the knight asked, knowing he had to choose only one to take with him.
"I want to live as long as you do! Please light the candle for me..." Tsaverli answered, startling Ash a little when the realization hit.
"Your race... doesn't live for very long?"
She nodded slowly, plaintively. "And we kobolds can't live in the cold either..." she held up the orange stone, and it was only then he realized that his surroundings were much warmer.
"My home is a pretty warm place, so I guess you don't have to worry about the temperature. As for the candle... guess I'll light it for you," Ash told the princess, "once we get back to my village where there's a fire source. Oh, and one more thing," he unwrapped the orange scarf around his neck and draped it over Tsaverli's shoulders, "you can wear this for now just in case."
The kobold hopped and nodded in thanks, holding on to the candle tightly before following the knight out of the door and down the stairs with a bouncy run. He made sure to walk slowly and refrain from using his newly gained flight powers so the little princess could keep up with him.
Avynne took notice of the knight and his new companion as they approached the cart. "Aww! Who's this?" she asked, clearly endeared to Tsaverli at first sight. The kobold introduced herself to the harpy as Ash lifted the former into the cart. As they struck up a conversation, Ash thought of what the wizard had said at the beginning of his adventure. Four things. Did this include the princesses? Avynne, Tsaverli, feather, candle. That was four things. But as I'm holding on to the feather, it wouldn't take up space in the back, right? He wanted to try and see if the cart could fit one more princess. He waved his two companions goodbye before flying to another tower.

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Kobold Princess Tsaverli Minecraft Skin
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