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Korvros Akvar

Korvros Akvar Minecraft Skin

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History of the Korvros Akvar
The Korvros are an ancient people. Their home world, a planet far from any known to mankind, was roughly 208 times larger than earth. Due to the extreme gravity of their home world, the Korvros are an extremely strong people and found conquering other peoples to be quite easy, and as such, did not have any reason to advance their technology, merely enslaving other creatures and forcing them to produce everything that the Korvros needed. This ended when their home world, a planet with a name that has no English equivalent, was attacked. While the Korvros had been complacent with their technology, others had not and had put all of their effort into building a battleship that could destroy the Korvros. We do not know all of the peoples who attacked the Korvros that day, but among them were the Indelians, the Abinines, the Meetovar and the Gor.
The Korvros suffered an enormous defeat that day, but when they saw the day was lost for them, they fled the planet. Only around 7,000,000 made it offworld, with at least 98,000,000 dying when the Alliance burned the Korvros home world.
After fleeing, the Korvros divided, settling on other planets. The principle of these new tribes was the Korvros Akvar, who realized that to survive they needed to advance their technology. They proved to be naturals and in a mere 3 generations were the most advanced race in the known universe. Fortunately, they Korvros Akvar learned from the mistakes of their ancestors and instead of conquering the universe, made alliances and became the recognized protectors of freedom.
This could not last, however, for some who remembered the Korvros of old could not bring themselves to trust the Korvros Akvar and this led them to engineer a virus that would wipe out the Korvros Akvar.
Even with all of their advances, the Korvros Akvar could not stop the spread of the virus. But then one, named Miktar, did. But it was too late. Miktar was the only one to survive.

About the Korvros
Their skin is a pale shade of purple, which allowed them to blend in on their home planet.
Their mouths are located on the top of their heads.
They hear through small holes on their hands.
They talk through small holes on their hands.
Their eyes are on the front of their heads like humans.
The Korvros Akvar wear green to blend in on their new home world, which has a lot in common with earth.
Their eyes adjust to dark and light so well that the Korvros don't even know they exist.
Format1.8+ Only 64x

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Update #1 : 01/27/2017 10:52:30 amJan 27th, 2017

Changed the color of a pixel I missed.

01/27/2017 3:05 am
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Awesome Skin! Good Luck In The Contest And May The Best Skin Win! :D
01/27/2017 10:37 am
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Technomancer
Thanks, and good luck to you as well! (I looked at the skin you submitted and it looks pretty cool)
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