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Skin #39

OC for Vonk's CONIDAE event(?). A few more might be coming, one more is coming for sure.
I haven't completed the entire list of his abilities yet, but there will be a short description of them + bio.

Irin's bio / Character info
"Legal" name: Kyrin Dove (doesn't have a known legal name so he goes by this).
Preferred name: Irin
Nickname(s): Myra (by Maven, they claim it's "pretty") and a few others that will be later revealed in his backstory.
Age: Around 17
Pronouns: He/They
Height: 5ft 6.5in (169.1cm)

Codename: CY (Pronounced 'Kai' or 'Sai', I personally go with the latter); derived from 'Cyan', you'll find out why later.
Gem colour: Fade from a semi-translucent grey (tips) to a teal-blue (centre).
Power/Ability (more info in separate spoiler): Illusion(s)
Weapon: Aside from illusions, he uses an old quarterstaff (it's a wooden shovel handle...). Using his illusions, though, he can 'build' off of the staff itself (by creating blades, making it appear longer, etc.)

His backstory hasn't been finished. Come back later when it has been :P

Ability/Power information (shortened)
tl;dr for the tl;dr: illusions go brr

Basically, he can create (and destroy) things of a certain size + specific range + specific amount of time at focused will.
By create, I don't quite mean creating a rock or item (although they can do that) out of thin are, more so creating things like walls, or "explosions".
By destroy, I more so mean 'destroy' his own illusions, otherwise, the illusions would become permanent unless someone (or multiple people... whoever was there when it happened, really) acknowledges the fact that they're an illusion.

No illusion can harm anyone, whether it's physical, mental, etc. People can imagine the illusion injured them, but the injury is never anything more than a small amount of pain, that lasts a short amount of time (no longer than an hour), and is in the targeted area (I.E. shoulder, leg, arm, etc.). This pain will not cause any side effects nor ailments, it'll simply be uncomfortable for an hour or less.

Now onto the coolest part (imo)...
The illusions are almost entirely psychological. This isn't easily explainable so cut me some slack :P

For example, if Irin created a crystal (say quartz) orb using his illusion powers and showed one person (and the one person believed it was real/had no reason for doubt), it would be real to them. They could touch it physically and it'd feel like a crystal orb, they could hold it, drop it, etc. and it'd appear real... Hell, if they dropped it, it may even crack or chip, or break in two.

However, if this one person truly doubted/didn't believe this orb was real (not just bluffing like "lol it's fake", they genuinely know it's an illusion), the orb, slowly, would start disappearing, basically flaking away (these flakes would sort of appear as cyan/teal holograms? before disappearing completely).

If Irin were to create something around multiple people, and half of them believe it was true whereas the other half knew it was fake, the latter group's brains would simply make the outcome more "logical".

For example, Irin creates a wall. 5 people think it's real, 5 know it's fake. The latter group (people who know it's fake) override those who believe it's true (unless their belief of it being true is like...really strong).
However, if it was 7 people who believed it was true and 3 who knew it was fake, the wall will not disappear for those who believe it to be true. It'll disappear for the ones who know it was fake. It may only look a bit odd to the ones who believed it was true... Might look like it moved back an inch? Maybe the colour is ever so slightly off... but it's still a wall.

Irin has complete control over when he creates and destroys his illusions. He does not have control over what other people think; he can't stop people from knowing it's an illusion.
Someone simply claiming "haha i bet this is fake" doesn't cut it. Said person must have a valid reason as to why they know it's an illusion and how they know it's an illusion.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask below. I enjoy answering 'em.

Did I say shortened down? Yes.
Was I being honest? Honestly, yeah. There's a lot more that I haven't finished writing and a ton of information that wasn't mentioned.
Stay tuned, folks... :)

*Sorry for any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, I'm tired and currently can't be bothered going through and editing everything. I will later, probably.

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vonk hi

The skin is NOT on skindex.

Don't re-create/re-imagine, edit, re-post or use this skin/content for any reason other than wearing it on MC.

You cannot claim this is/was created by you nor can you use this as your own OC/Character/Persona.


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Update #1 : 05/15/2021 10:32:07 pmMay 15th

Added some stuff to bio and info :P

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