L4D2 Hunter (Way better in 3D) Minecraft Skin
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L4D2 Hunter (Way better in 3D)

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Pionier avatar Pionier
Level 52 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
I've been playing a lot of L4D/2 with my brother recently, so uhhh yeah, lol. There's not many skins for L4D in general, especially of the special infected for obvious reasons, making Witch and Hunter the star two, lmao. I've never seen one of Hunter with his L4D2 change, so I decided I'd give it a shot because I haven't made particularly difficult skins in a while?
I used a crap ton of editing outside what I use to make skins, jfc, this took like three hours because I had no idea what I was doing in regards to making the blood not look like solid red, when it'd be stained and all that, blehh

n o t t h e b e s t b u t o k a y i t r i e d

It looks p funky and disgusting in the thumbnail wow
I also tried more realistic shading with my terrible anatomy knowledge, eyyy

L4D2 Hunter (Way better in 3D) Minecraft Skin

tbh the only reason im uploading this is to see what it looks like in the 3D thing lmao, this was made for a friend who doesnt shut up about the special infecteds when she has a chance

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05/15/2018 8:46 am
Level 49 : Master Herobrine
KrisFromPlaystation2 avatar
love the skin, you missed a few details so i decided to think of this. Here
05/15/2018 8:50 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
Pionier avatar
Ackk, thanks for that pff
I got sick of trying to do the face after a while, so I left it alone, and apparently forgot to go back to fix it afterwards, lol
05/15/2018 10:39 pm
Level 49 : Master Herobrine
KrisFromPlaystation2 avatar
That's understandable, i can't think of any other way to do the ripped skin near the mouth and make the teeth look bloody, also the toes, since the toes are showing i was figuring out the fingers and show the nails come out a bit but it would look off a bit since 3D modeling doesn't exist on pc.
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