The Last Emperor [Popular Reel] Minecraft Skin
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The Last Emperor [Popular Reel]

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Nicholas II Aleksandrovich Romanov, the last russian emperor

The Last Emperor [Popular Reel] Minecraft Skin

"Emperor and Autocrat of All Russia, Moscow, Kyiv, Vladimir, Novgorod; Tsar of Kazan, Tsar of Astrakhan, Tsar of Poland, Tsar of Siberia, Tsar of Tauric Chersonis, Tsar of Georgia; Sovereign of Pskov and Grand Duke of Smolensk, Lithuanian, Volyn, Podolsk and Finland; Prince of Estonia, Livonia, Courland and Semigalsky, Samogitsky, Bialystok, Korelsky, Tver, Yugorsky, Perm, Vyatsky, Bulgarian and others; Sovereign and Grand Duke of Novgorod, Nizovsky lands, Chernigov, Ryazan, Polotsk, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Belozersky, Udora, Obdorsky, Kondia, Vitebsk, Mstislav and all northern countries, ruler and Sovereign of Iversky, Kartalinsky and Kabardian lands and regions of Armenia; Cherkasy and Mountain princes and other hereditary Sovereign and Possessor; Sovereign of Turkestan, Heir of Norway, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, Stornmarn, Dietmar and Oldenburg and others, and others and others..."

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05/09/2022 5:58 pm
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