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Lava spider

Lava spider Minecraft Skin
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avatar nawikipedia
Level 47 : Master Technomancer
Yup. That's right. The lava spiders are back- now they can walk on 2 legs! (well... 4 legs...).
I tried to be as accurate to the original build as I could be, but I did add some extra cool stuff, like lava dripping of the fangs and loose cobweb hanging on the little bumps on his obsidian skin.

"The Lava spiders are ancient race of huge spiders that were belived to be extinct... Untill little steve hit his pickaxe on the wrong block and reveald the cave." (from my description of the "caved in" build).

The spiders were (and still are) hunted by us, the humans. One race of spiders, who lived in the south pole - antarctica - came to the conclusion that the only way they'll be safe from the hunters is to seperate themselves from their brothers and from the outer world and hide somewhere the hunters will never find them.

They dug caves inside Mount Erebus - the southernmost active volcano on the planet - and sealed themselves in. They used the heat of the lava underground to keep themselves warm and used every spot of rock that's not covered by lava to hand cobweb for them to live on.

They slowly grew a thick layer of skin and flesh made from obsidian to protect them in case they get too close to the lava and their weapon - their poisonous fangs - became a tool to break blocks and expand their living space with more caves or smelting them with lava (that they started to carry on them once they realized they could do that with the obsidian skin and flesh layers) and placing them to seal the enterances to the caves they made, preventing others from following them into the volcano (obviously they could still use the fangs as weapons if they needed to).

The cave spiders lived in their litlle "hellish paradise" for thousands of years untill a little miner named Steve dug "only one more block" into the mountain and found the lost spider race.

Original build can be found here!
CreditMe from the past

05/09/2013 2:59 pm
Level 27 : Expert Zombie
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