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Lee - Character For Use Minecraft Skin
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avatar Chaotic Stupid
Level 51 : Grandmaster Skinner
Lee is a shadow beast, (Specific race for a Roleplay I'm in) but for your use, you'd have better luck with calling them a voidsent or a demon. (Voidsent means that they came from the void, which they did)

Lee is an orphaned Voidsent who hasn't really learned morals, He is around 56 years old but his race has a life time of 200 so he's basically a 28 year old human. By morals, I don't mean starting fights, he's a coward, a big one, But he used to steal bodies from recent fights and sell the parts on the black market, he had decided to stop due to character development, but you don't have to :)

He had usually scammed people, though he is very frail and easily hurt, so he has to out smart his enemies, which would be easy, if he wasn't arrogant, he's fast and agile so it's easy for him to run, Which he usually has to do after Insulting people with large weapons for no apparent reason except for boredom.

His current occupation, other than the Black Market dealing, is a "Freelance Bartender" Which may very well be an actual occupation if he did it right. He had once realized how much money a bartender makes, so he walked in, said it was his shift, and continued to use the bars ingredients to make drinks ordered and take the tips, as well as a certain amount from the Bar itself for his "Services",
He travels often which makes this an easy way to get cash if there isn't a lot of bloodshed happening.

He physically can't drink more then one cup of a drink he's not accustomed to. He's accustomed to basic drinks, not alcohol, (water, juices, milk, goat milk, etc) He may feel a bit faint or throw up after it due to him not having a lot of these things in the void and it makes him sick or causes organ damage, so just make sure there's a healer around before you go out partying.

He prefers Poultry and Fish to other meals and he can eat meat raw, even though he prefers it cooked.

He's self conscious due to his tail, not because he's self conscious of being a voidsent (which he is since people mistake him for a demon or other things) but because it grew incorrectly, as the end isn't as a point but seems backwards, he can also control his tail like an extra limb but when zoning out it'll just sway or grab random items, which is quite a problem especially when he's asleep.

He's a bookworm, collecting, purchasing and stealing a large amount of books throughout his time in the land dwellers realm, being interested in books and travel, he's also learned a few languages, Greek and Latin.

The way I play him is he's a gay male, though you can do whatever you'd like with him! I've left this at the end because you can change any of these things, I just wanted to share how I wrote him.

-This is a Medieval Fantasy character if you haven't realized-

-This is ALSO Something new I'm doing, Writing characters out for people to get to know me better :) -

09/22/2020 4:11 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Elf
I love it, this is the type of character I always play for fantasy things xD
The horns are legendary
09/22/2020 4:20 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Skinner
Chaotic Stupid
Thank you! I really enjoyed doing him since he was originally just a one off character then became one of my favorites, though I don't see myself using them soon :)
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