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mirabilia avatar mirabilia
Level 38 : Artisan Procrastinator
wooo this is for the last round of the olympics! >:( blue orchid will not come in fourth!

the theme for this comp was to use your persona (mine is on the left, her name is mirai which means future in japanese cause she's futuristic ig) and put it with someone you look up to or is your hero.
I chose yuzuru hanyu who is a figure skater because his performances have inspired me a lot recently.

it was really hard to do the skates and his outfit, but I think it turned out pretty good :)
here's a reference image for the outfit: rb.gy/e0r3bu

(I used a link shortener so please tell me if it doesn't work)

the title is based off of one of the songs he used in one of his recent performances (it actually helped him win japanese nationals for the fifth time last month I think)
title: let me entertain you
artist: robbie williams

anyways, I'm hoping orchid can place above fourth! :D
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