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Lioness || Wheel Contest

Lioness || Wheel Contest Minecraft Skin
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avatar Kaos_Kitten
Level 45 : Master Kitten
This is my entry for canday's current contest; Wheel contest < click for forum thread!

My theme was animal, and I was really unsure as to what to do for it. I don't know where my mind decided to do a lion, but with the inspiration of African clothing's beautiful patterns I couldn't resist.

I didn't want to directly copy any clothing designs just for fun, so the pattern may not be 100% accurate to what would classically be worn but I took heavy inspiration from modern African clothing.

She has lion ears and a little lion tail! I wanted to base her not only off of an African lion, but also African clothing.

While the gold headdress isn't directly related to traditional clothing, the word lioness makes my brain think of goddess (and apparently headdress xD)

I hope you like this skin, and hopefully it doesn't stray too far from the theme <3

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