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Loki Remodel (Smite)

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Kill3rCreeper avatar Kill3rCreeper
Level 81 : Elite Creeper
Villain. It’s a word used to describe those that break the rules, that take what they want, and care nothing for those hurt along the way. Loki, the trickster God, would say villainy is nothing more than a point of view.

The point of view of fools too mindless to seize opportunity.

Of course, with Loki now on the loose, the implications are dire. The end of times may be at hand. The final battle, Ragnarok, possibly on the horizon, for it was foretold that Loki would break free of his prison and herald the horrific final battle that would leave the Gods slain, the heavens sundered, and the world in ashes. None are more eager for that time of chaos than Loki.

Before his confinement, Loki’s malicious mischief managed to affect every God in ways both beneficial and terrible. Yet Loki’s most heinous act was in the death of the God of light, Baldr.

Baldr’s prophetic dreams showcased his own death. Fearful for her son, Frigg, forced all objects of the world to swear never to harm him. All save mistletoe. Cruelly amused, Loki forged a spear from the plant and provided it to Baldr’s brother Hodr. The Gods had a new favorite game, hurling objects at Baldr and laughing as they harmlessly ricocheted. So Hodr threw the spear, but, to everyone’s horror Baldr was impaled. Hel agreed to release Baldr from the underworld if all creatures of the world mourned the God of Light. And all did, save one crone who refused. So Baldr died.

When it was discovered the crone was Loki in disguise, the furious Gods bound him in entrails and hung a venomous serpent overhead. Loki’s wife, Sigyn, collected the dripping venom in a bowl, but when she was forced to empty it, Loki was struck, causing such anguish his thrashing would shake the world.

But now Loki is free and already wreaking havoc. If the prophetic Volva are correct, and they always are, then the end of all things has finally come.

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11/04/2015 11:45 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
anonpmc1102062 avatar
09/23/2015 12:53 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Skinner
TheInfernoShadow avatar
Oh Now I see, Could you make Ratatoskr too :> PLEASE!
08/06/2015 8:10 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Architect
TheMicroMan avatar
can you make Superman from Man Of Steel? :D
08/05/2015 6:45 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Taco
Cheezman avatar
08/04/2015 11:58 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
SteelSmasher1 avatar
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