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.✲*☾ london ☽*✲.

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.✲*☾ london ☽*✲.


.✲*☾ skin description ☽*✲.

skin tone: pale
eyes: brown
hair: long curly brown/auburn hair
clothing: a pink and white checkered sweater overtop a creme shirt with jeans, and white shoes


ihappy new year once again!! 2022 has been such a busy year for me :') so many achievements in 2022- i'm so grateful for everything i've gotten to do, like, i won an award this year! i also start university and passed my first semester, it's looking like i have a big girl job secured for the summer as well, i also literally started a business, AND my business professor actually heard of my business!! i hope you all had an amazing 2022, and i hope you have an even better 2023! i don't know if i will be able to commit to uploading skins much since i clearly only uploaded one in the past year. honestly, i loved working on skins for the minecraft server i was staff on for over a year, but it definitely burnt me out for skin making and i feel like i lost any creativity i had when making skins. working for the server was still amazing, though, don't get me wrong! i got promoted twice in their media department and was an advisor up until i left the staff team, but i know me and my relationship with making minecraft skins has been strained ever since.

anyway, have a great year! 2023 is going to be great!


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