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Lucinda (Aphmau) (MyStreet) (Minecraft)

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Kyara_Rose avatar Kyara_Rose
Level 55 : Grandmaster Witch
Hehe... Lucinda looks GOOOD in that!~ *grins* You always think that, Travis! Meh... it's true, though! Hehe... thank you, Travis, sweetheart! L-L-LUCINDA?! Hehe... yep! Oh! And hello, Kyara, Garroth, Aphmau, Dante, Reese, and Kawaii~Chan. *smirks* Hello, Lucinda... *grins* Hey Lucinda! Hello, Lucinda~Chan! Hello! Hey, Lucinda! Hey! *smiles* *smirks* Well, I feel honored to be here! *smirks* Anyways, here's a Witch who's weaker than me, Lucinda. Excuse me? *smirks* You heard me! Ladies! No fighting, please! Yeah! Anyways, enjoy! Credit where credit is due! Free for anyone to use in MC or a RP!
~Kyara, Garroth, Aphmau, Travis, Dante, Kawaii~Chan ^w^, Reese, and Lucinda!
CreditAphmau, Anairis Quinones (Voice Actress)

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