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Luo Binghe

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u_okeii_fam's Avatar u_okeii_fam
Level 36 : Artisan Artist
Luo Binghe from the novel Scum Villains Self Saving System! I loved making this skin the most, there were less color shifting, and even if there was it was only to black/gray. I also couldnt decide which robes to make for him, these ones or something more similar to Wuxians.

If you can/want to/are willing to, you should read the novel! along with mo xiang tongxius other novels. I heard shes making a fourth lol

Well, credit me if you decide to use it/repost on another website. i want more mxtx fans that play minecraft to find my skins XD

Edit: If you want 3 pixel arms, I believe it wont make much of a difference since there pretty simple, lol but i wouldnt cause binghes not a skinny bean XD he has b u f f

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